Gardening Must-Haves

As you may have noticed by now, there are a million and one things out there for gardeners. All of which I'm sure are incredible and have great purpose. However it can get pretty overwhelming when trying to figure out what exactly you need! So here we are. These are my essentials.

x First and foremost... a great sunhat! I don't love the feeling of sunscreen especially if I'm only going outside for an hour or so BUT I also believe in protecting my skin. Sun hat equals the perfect in between. My favorite hat brand, Gigi Pip, just released these incredible straw hats! They're light-weight, come in different sizes and are so cute!

Check them out here!

x Next everyone needs the right set of tools to get planting! These three tools are a must. Of course you can always add on from here but these are good basics!

x If this isn't your first time to my blog then you've heard me talk all about Osmocote! This is a slow release fertilizer. Which means you apply it once and it does the job for 3 whole months! This is going to help those flowers bloom and give the soil exactly what it needs to promote healthy growth.

x So because you've planted with Osmocote, you're going to have to maintain that growth and get rid of old blooms! Having garden sheers is so important. These are great and you'll have them forever!!

Okay my last two are a little extra. It has to do with plant support! Every once in a while you'll have a plant that's growing taller but is weak so it falls over. Or maybe you want to train a plant to a trellis. To do so you'll need two things.

xBamboo stakes. These are so cheap and if I ever have to cut them to a shorter height it is easy with those gardening sheers!

x Plant ribbon. This stuff is so inexpensive and it lasts forever! It's easy to tear to the size you want and it will stretch with the plant as the stalk gets thicker.

Okay! So that's my quick list. You'll be shocked to see what your yard will look like with the help of these few items and a few plants. Thanks for reading again this week! Happy planting!

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