Practical and Pretty

If you haven't tried growing your own herbs yet, let this be your boost of confidence to get going. They're so easy AND they can be grown incognito!

Sometimes it may feel like you need to pick between practical and pretty. In my pot designs I always have a few spillers and a few with height. Well, we can get both of those with herbs! AND there is nothing stopping you from adding them in with other flowers!

These mixed pots tend to be some of my favorite and it marries practical and pretty, beautifully. Most herbs ALSO handle the heat like a champ. Aka perfect for the south! So I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite herbs and provide a few "flower pot recipes"!


x Thyme... of any kind! My very favorite is Lemon Thyme. It has a beautiful variegated leaf and the smell and taste is so refreshing.

x Creeping rosemary also known as prostrate rosemary.

x Ornamental Oregano. It turns to a beautiful pink color!

x Catmint. It blooms a beautiful purple bloom as well!


x Rosemary. The upright variation.

x Sage. It doesn't quite as tall so maybe pair with a taller flower.

x Basil. This comes in purple and green so that provides a few options too.

Before I go further. I feel the need to say, whatever you do... don't pair mint with anything! That selfish little guy, while he starts small and innocent, will dominate anything you put him with. For that reason, he really needs a pot of his own.

So here's a few planting recipes for some pots! Because herbs do the best in sun, I'm going to pair them with flowers that do as well.


x Creeping Rosemary + Lobelia + calibrachoa

x Lemon thyme + Angelonia + Dahlia

x Basil + Petunia + Merigolds

or maybe you want to go all herbs in a pot try

x Rosemary + Sage + Catmint

x Basil + ornamental oregano + thyme

Of course there are so many options and more herbs that could be used! I've actually mixed in a few pepper plants with mine as well! There are so many possibilities which means mini gardens all over the patio or yard! Have fun and get creative!

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